Multinational clients which have a global outlook are seriously looking to outsource IT Infrastructure services especially NOC, Engineering & Helpdesk. Primarily this helps clients to save upto 66% of their Capex utilization allowing them to focus for more innovative areas which will give them leverage for the next 10 years.

For example a leading Global Telecom Player, shifted greater amounts of traffic to cloud-based applications and outsourcing IT infrastructure services was the best means to capitalize on the growing markets besides demand for novel innovative spectrum , which creates significant opportunities.

Cost synergies are very important to move forward so acquisitions & mergers with Specialist companies help to make support element stronger and more focused. Besides with high cost reduction an acquisition helps companies to garner more strength in areas as well as provide more concrete direction for its customer support with wider scale of support.

Merged entities and the companies which takes the new onus has a responsibility to deliver with more agility & consistency which usually it does to ensure client is significantly benefitted. Organic or strategic acquisition helps companies to capitalize business in real terms also to impress on the stock markets that you have given more value to its stocks overall value and its considered a matter of performance which makes the difference.

Outsourcing or acquiring the right partner helps to ensure you stay focused to expand into novel/innovative technologies apart from your risk being better managed sooner. Resources which are from acquired partners get a kind of new life of being merged with a larger entity and performance, this has its umpteen advantages of superior & focused support with wider 24 x 7 span.

Flightcase Advantages:
  • ISO 27001 : 2013 Certified for Information Security & Management of Systems
  • Decade old Experience of working with International Network Providers of Voice/Data,IP/Mobility Network operators in access network, backhaul network and core network
  • Remote Monitoring Experience of handling remote NOC operational issues for IT Products,Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telco Carriers, Telecom Service Provider (TSP) network, etc
  • Troubleshooting expertise for Network elements / equipment’s, communicating with customers across the globe for our clientele
  • Experience for deployment of complete NOC (inclusive of OSS tools, IT Infrastructure and video wall) for centralized NOC/Technical support solutions
  • We are the first in India to incorporate Cloud based application Monitoring & Support under VOIP cloud for our customers
  • Handling dedicated NOC/Support staff of more than 150 IT & Telecom professionals
  • Our suite of services can be easily scaled and customized to assist any business
  • Our suite of services can be easily scaled and customized to assist any business
  • Tier 1 to Tier 3 support backed by Subject matter experts to Team Leaders/Managers
  • Cross functionality support in the telecom domain
  • Facilitation towards Issue Resolution